Date Days










This weekend has been an amazing weekend! On Saturday we were in Hamilton and dropped Aston at my parents for the long weekend. Our original plans to do temple baptisms with the youth fell through so we took them to the Hamilton Botanical Gardens and that basically started our weekend of dates. It was a really nice walk around the gardens and the first time in a little while that we’ve had time just to ourselves. That night we had a wedding in Auckland and that was so lovely. When we got home we decided to stay up late watching TV shows. Yesterday at church it was pretty weird to be there without Aston. I feel like people in our ward don’t know me without her. Some people weren’t sure if I’m the one with the baby. I had one lady look at me confused and asked “are you the one with the baby? The baby that my husband really loves?” Haha yes, that’s me. I guess I just look different without a baby on my hip haha. When we got home we didn’t know what to do! We had so much time on our hands. Is this what life was like before we had her? It’s not even been a year yet and I don’t remember what we did before we had her.

Anyway, today was one of my favourite days! When I woke up it was 9am! I don’t even know how that happened. So I got a sleep in but still felt tired haha. We had planned to spend the day doing things we don’t usually get to do together. So we started the day at the gym and then came home to Skype Aston. Of course she was asleep *cue eye roll*. Afterwards we headed to the beach for a couple of hours. It was so much fun swimming in the beach together! Why have we not done that before? We have been together almost 6 years and have never been swimming in the beach together. What is wrong with me? After the beach we came home to shower and headed to the movies to watch Moana. It’s a good movie but honestly there were some pretty scary parts in it hahaha. Then we rushed home to Skype our daughter and she was on her second nap *cue eye roll*. So we ordered Burger Fuel and sat on the beach and ate. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get better we then drove out to Muriwai Beach to watch the sunset. It wasn’t much of a sunset though as there was a thick blanket of clouds covering the sun. But it was still a perfect way to end our day of dates.

I feel like I can be a better mother when I am a better wife. Our lives get so busy when Bryton’s working and I’m taking care of Aston and keeping the house in order and we have our callings and other responsibilities. So I really felt that we needed to take some time out just for us. It can be so difficult to put our marriage first when I have a baby who is so dependent on me. All my energy goes into her so Bryton gets whatever is left over. A close friend told me last year “I love my baby, but I love my husband more”. And I believe that is important. After this weekend of spending all of my time with Bryton I feel re-energised and refreshed. I’m ready to be a happy and loving mum again instead of a stale and exhausted mum. What has also made this baby-free weekend easier is knowing that Aston is totally happy with my family. We have Skyped her a few too many times (hehe oops) and every time she is happy and smiling and crawling everywhere and doesn’t even care that we aren’t there. Actually, sometimes she just completely ignores us. Mum sends me photos all the time and she’s just so happy! Knowing that she is happy and comfortable puts me at ease and helps me to enjoy this weekend.

We have made the most of this weekend together, doing all the things that we don’t usually get to do together. But I am looking forward to picking up our baby tomorrow. I’m really really missing her and can’t wait to smother her in kisses!!!!


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