11 Months










Another monthly update that is a few days late. On Valentine’s Day Aston turned 11 months! Hence the love hearts hehe. But we were busy all week with her starting kohanga (you can read about that here) so we couldn’t take any photos until yesterday and it worked out well because the weather was awesome! We have been so blessed with such a good baby. She’s made our job so so easy and we love being her parents.

1 1  M O N T H S

  • 9.7kgs
  • 76cm long
  • Started kohanga
  • LOVES kohanga
  • Stands on her own (only for a few seconds though)
  • THREE teeth
  • Loves singing and dancing
  • Her favourite book is a Maori one her Grandma gave her for Christmas
  • Loves playing on her keyboard
  • Waves and blows kisses
  • Met her only living Great-Grandpa
  • Transitioning to 1 nap a day

HAPPY 11 Months, my baby! Very soon we will be celebrating your first birthday and I have mixed feelings about it.


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