Aston Turns ONE!

Well it’s been a minute and a half since I’ve written anything on the blog. The last month has been the busiest! Bryton’s Grandpa and family came from Canada. All of our days off and weekends were spent with them. We did a couple of day trips around. After they left I had 2 weeks to plan Aston’s birthday and that felt like a lot of time at first but it actually wasn’t haha.

So we decided to have a picnic party for her first birthday. We’d planned to have it at our favourite little beach, Milford Reserve. They have a great little park there and that is where we usually go for our beach dates with Aston. They have a good field space too so we decided it would be perfect for a picnic party! Unfortunately, the whole week leading up to her birthday we had AWFUL weather! It was so stormy all week and the night before the party it got worse haha. So we moved her party to the chapel and tried to keep to the picnic theme as best we could.

We kept our guest list very small and invited family and very close friends. And I’m really glad we did that. We had some of the most important people in our lives there to celebrate with us. We’d planned a couple of games but didn’t end up playing them as we felt everyone was really enjoying one another’s company and we didn’t want to interrupt.

Aston was very confused by the whole thing and didn’t really know what was going on. I guess that’s expected for a one year old, also a reason we decided to have a small party. She just sat at her little table enjoying her food and watching everyone.

I can’t believe our sweet girl is ONE already! I remember being pregnant and it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago! Her actual birthday was on Tuesday and Bryton and I took the day off work and kept Aston home from kohanga. We spent the day at the zoo and she loved it. We also had a quiet dinner at home and Bryton made a little cake for her. We sang happy birthday and I started to get emotional. My little baby is growing up and all the days we’ve had together, we will never get again. All the memories of the past year came flooding to my mind and it makes me sad knowing she won’t be my little newborn anymore. HOWEVER, I am enjoying living in the moment and making the most of the present with her and Bryton. Just the three of us.

We love our little girl. She’s such a blessing to us and our wider family.

Happy 1st Birthday, my honey.

p.s. I didn’t have the time or the energy to edit these photos so you get the raw stuff!

Invitation FrontInvitation Back




Bryton made the birthday cake, the cake topper is from Love From Seventeen, and I made the birthday sign.

We bought a $15 photo frame from Kmart that had a wooden board in it, bought some chalk board paint and liquid chalk to create this beauty. The frame part was used for the monthly photos.
I’ve had lots of people ask, my Nana had the wooden sign made with her photo and birth details. She had it done right after Aston was born. Bryton made the box in the centre out of some pallets. We are using this box as a time capsule to house all the letters she received. She can open this on her 18th birthday.


12 months of photos. 12 months of growing.



Had to wake up the birthday girl and she was not impressed.




Bryton made her a mini cake that she could have to herself. She smashed it back!





Her cake was German Chocolate with Dark Chocolate ganache. So moist and delicious. Next time I think we’ll swap the dark chocolate for milk.







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