Keeping It REAL

My friend told me that it is really important toย make time for our passions and interests, so here I am sitting on the living room floor with a messy kitchen and about 10 minutes to spare while my husband showers our daughter.


I just complained to my husband about not having anything to write about and he said “why don’t you write about the challenges you are facing with Aston right now?” At first I thought, no way I don’t want everyone to know about that! But then I realized that’s exactly why people love reading my blog! I’ve had so many of my readers message me about how much they appreciate how real and honest and raw I am about my feelings about pregnancy, motherhood, and life in general. So here goes…

This past weekend we were in Hamilton with my family. Aston is the crowd favourite whenever we are there. Everyone favours her and she gets away with everything! But not this weekend (muahahahaha). She has been hitting a lot lately. I’m not sure if she picked that up at kohanga or what, but I can’t believe I’m getting to the stage where I have to discipline my child ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

When she misbehaves at home we sit her down in our laundry (our house is so small that we don’t have any free corners to sit her in haha), and close the doors (leaving the light on of course), and make her sit there. But she’s so cheeky. She gets up, opens the door, and when we look at her she turns around and sits down again. This weekend she was hitting my little brothers a lot so I’d take her to the hallway and sit her down in the corner. After the first couple of times she got used to it. If she hit someone I’d say to her “do you want to go to time out?” and she’d smile and nod her head. Honestly, where does this child come from?! Then she’d almost run to the corner and sit down. I’d make her sit there for one minute because to a toddler that is a loooong time to stay sitting in one place. Then she’d have to go and give cuddles to whoever she hit. Ohhh the joys!

She used to be such a good eater when she was younger too. She’d eat anything and everything! But now it’s like she knows what vegetables are and she thinks they’re gonna attack the insides of her. Well newsflash, honey! They’re good for you! She spits out broccoli and silverbeet and basically half of the food on her plate. WHYYYYY CHILD? WHYYYY?!

Oh! And the lovely whiney cry all the way home from work is my personal favourite. And if you don’t mind, child, I actually love listening to Fletch, Vaughan, and Megan, in the mornings so please stop whinging so I can hear their hilarious jokes. Only open your mouth if you want to blow mummy kisses or sing waiata or talk to me nicely. If you want to cry, save that for your kohanga teachers when I drop you off (hahaha I’m just kidding, Whaea Kelly!).

And don’t even get me started on those stupid Wiggles songs. Flippen heck. Don’t get me wrong, The Wiggles save me every time I need to do something without a kid clinging to my leg – but I am sooooo sick of listening to their songs haha. They end up sticking in my head and the worse part is when they play in my dreams. If that isn’t mum life, I don’t know what is!!!

Ohhh my goodness I could go on and on! Haha but I won’t because I just spent the last 40 minutes laughing with her and teaching her to say “mum” properly instead of “bum” and watching her eat ice cream on a stick like she’d never tasted ice cream before. Yeah, being a parent sucks sometimes and sometimes I feel like I’m actually raising the spawn of Satan, but my heart has never felt so full! I can’t believe how much I love this little human! Her big smile and slobbery kisses get me every time and it’s like she was an angel sent from heaven who can do no wrong!

I love my sweet girl.


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