Extrovert, Through & Through


When Bryton and I were dating we did the Myers-Briggs personality test and found that we are almost complete opposites when it comes to our personalities. He’s an INTP and I’m an ESTJ. I LOVE being around people and most times IΒ need to be around people. This week has been a particularly difficult week. I cried almost everyday and I’m 98% confident that’s because it was my time of the month (TMI). But by Thursday I was ready for the end of the week. Bryton had gone away for a couple of nights with the young men from church. It was bad timing for him to go. I really needed him home, more for my own sanity. I get really bad home sickness – always have. When I was a kid I couldn’t even stay the night at my cousin’s house without crying hahaha. And now I get that same feeling when my husband goes away. I also feel very nauseous and anxious before he’s even left.

Every time he has gone away I end up moping around the house like a sad pup. This time I had friends come over. On Friday we had some of our young married friends from church who we were in YSA with, come for milkshakes. There were 3 other couples here, and 2 little toddlers running around. As soon as they turned up I was so happy and relieved! It was a lot nicer to spend the evening with them than by myself. We had so much fun together! Talking, eating, laughing. We made milkshakes with lots of delicious toppings!!! The girls chatted and the guys played cards. The toddlers ran around eating everyone’s goodies. It was an awesome night. When the last couple walked out the door I suddenly felt really sad and lonely! I cleaned the house and went straight to bed so I didn’t have to dwell on it.

I’ve had so many experiences in the past where I’ve learned how much I depend on the energy of others to lift me up. I really thrive off this. I need people. There are definitely times where I just do not want to leave the house because I don’t have the energy or I’m not in the mood, and I can guarantee that that’s when I definitely need to be around people. I always come back feeling so much better. This is probably one of the reasons I love my calling at church so much haha. The youth programme keeps us very busy and I love attending as many activities as I can. I love the social life it provides me and I always feel so much energy afterwards.

I’m so grateful for my friends and the people I meet and surround myself with. They have no idea how much they uplift me!




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