My name is Kayne Pilling. I am 25 years old and I’m married to who I think is the greatest man on the planet. We have a one year old destroyer (aka our daughter, Aston) and we are so very happy with our little family. Almost 4 years ago I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Film, Television, and Media Studies and a minor in Writing Studies. As fate would have it, I now work in Accounting. But I have discovered my deep passion for writing in a way that maintains my integrity – in other words, I am extremely sarcastic and honest in the things that I say and I have now found a way to express that in the form of a blog.

Here you will find our little adventures, my moments of intense bragging, and a few lessons I’ve learnt along the way. Every now and then you might find something that might be helpful to you. I’m not really one to “inspire” others, but I hope that what I do share is something you can relate to.

This is my outlet. I do not write to please anyone. I write to express myself. I hope you read with that in mind.

With Love,




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